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◎ RS-485 and TCP/IP communication interface◎ Built-in Watch Dog to prevent the halting◎ User capacity: 16,000; Event logs: 32,000◎ 2 control modes: M4/ M8◎ Access Mode: Card Only, Card or PWD, Card and PWD◎ 63 auto-open zone settings and 16 sets of Auto-Open Zone editable◎ WG port provides anti-pass-back function◎ One more Exit Switch, Door Contact and Door Output to wiegand ◎ Built-in Multi-Output: Door Lock/ Alarm/ Arming/ Duress/ Security trigger signal◎ SOYAL software support for networking◎ Easily integrated with SOYAL or others access control system◎ Work attendance check: Push buttons to select Duty on/off work, Leave/Back and Overtime on/off◎ Built-in Real Time Clock & Anti-Tamper functions◎ Flexible to integrate with other equipments◎ 125kHz and 13.56MHz can be used simultaneously two channels◎ Patent for new type of Relay, avoid vibrating to Mis-Trigger◎ TTL & RS-485 serial output for various application and lift control◎ Built-in 16 set of Alarm and 120 days of Holiday setting◎ Menu setting with LCD panel◎ Coordinating with softwares for further application on access control, time attendance, payroll, anddoor/sensor image-monitor function◎ Auto-lock of the keypad for 30 seconds after continuous failed operation by 3 times◎ Including the input of door contact, offering the alarm system of both door opening too long and beingforced to open◎ Intelligent to shift for standalone or networking mode while system disconnected◎Support Fire buttons to make sure the fire happening, all doors open◎Supporting AR-721_RB Relay Output module alternates traditional relay module, raise security, resist from stealing, and avoid wrong operation.
Multi-door networking adapter which supports PCI-E to dual 2--port gigabit ethernet controller driver LAN controller card. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or to get a custom quote. ◎ Supports alarm output when device is disconnected ◎ 4 Digital Inputs support Open All Doors function in case of emergency ◎ Data and timer can be kept for 60 days after power down ◎ Built-in power and data transmission LED indicators for debugging and status ◎ 63 Time Zones can be set up holidays and levels, and combine with other time zones ◎ Each user can be set to allow to enter/exit assigned doors with 16 sets anti-pass-back function ◎ Alternative door group control selection:cluster door group or individual door group ◎ With 4 replay outputs and 4 sets of passwords to control devices by from readers ◎ Supports Wiegand and RS-485 reader interfaces, for 16+2 door control (two RS-485 ports for 16 RS-485 readers_ two WG ports for 2 WG readers) ◎ AR-716Ei is built with network card,for connecting to LAN or internet_ Supports TCP/UDP, DHCP, IGMPv2, SNMPV1, V2, V3, ARP protocol
TTL/ RS-485 Converter
◎ Extension of Controller, for display, lift control (AR-401R016B)

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Established in 1993, SOYAL Technology Co., Ltd has been the most renowned access control manufacture in Taiwan which was first commissioned to design products satisfying our clients’ demands and then became favorably appreciated by the market for its dependability and applicability. After introducing innovative intelligent control systems as well as charting software in 1995, SOYAL not only built up its frontier security technology and compelling brand value, but also made unceasing progress in the quality of goods and thus led in Taiwan with more than 70% market share.

With the dedication of our high-level R&D team, SOYAL has launched series of highly compatible multi-function products, including the RFID sensor card reader, multi-door networking controller, fingerprint and finger vein recognition systems, room control system, stored-value payment system, and programmable controller; as for software, we have products of access control attendance, SOR application software, firmware update software, and other supporting software. All these products are designed for both individuals and companies to facilitate a more efficient access control system, and can be applied in private or public facilities such as commercial buildings, community houses, factories, schools, and hospitals. SOYAL provides a variety of smart applications to make the management of computerization, networking, and institutionalization more convenient.

Through distinctive developed technology and first-rate customer service, SOYAL has received so much public praise for its certificated high quality. We are also keen on expanding our distribution channels to global market by attending kinds of international security exhibitions. Today, we have more than 1,000 distributors in Taiwan and all over the world.


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